Bureaucracy, Disability and UTIs – Part VI

  1. “They don’t tell you about the hours of paperwork, endless bureaucracy and pointless meetings with Social Services you have to trudge through when all you desperately want is some advice and support, but it takes six months for them to assess whether or not you’re entitled to even get on the waiting list for advice and support.”

BureaucracyWhy spend hours doing paperwork and dealing with endless bureaucracy and pointless meetings with Social Services, when all you want is some advice and support?  There are plenty of articles and training on the internet and in your community to give you information.  What you need is someone who can help you understand this disease, it’s affect on your loved one and the effect that caregiving will have on you!  You must obtain the right kind of help at the beginning and it is not going to be through the government and Social Services. I ;personally went the route of private help. It was the best decision I ever made. I had no job and no income and I was able to make it work. When something is important to you, you find a way. These may sound like empty words but they are true. In the USA each state has a different set of criteria and rules they follow to support the people in their state. Some states have a Waiver Program which is provided by Medicaid. Other states have similar but different programs available. Find out what your state offers before there are any signs of a life threatening disease but especially at the beginning of this or any other disease.  If you need help with this step, contact me directly. My Caregiver’s Handbook also provides you with a list of agencies and phone numbers that can help you determine what help if any is available. 

  1. “They don’t tell you about the hours you’ll have to spend on the phone trying to claim disability benefits for her because the person on the other end insists that they have to speak to her personally in case, as her daughter, you’re trying to steal from her. They’re sorry but they really do have to check with her that this isn’t the case, regardless of the fact that she can’t remember her own name, let alone how to use a phone, because that’s how the system works.”

Again, these are things that must be taken care of at the very beginning before the person is unable to make decisions, use the phone, etc. If you had the proper help in the beginning who advised you as to what legal documents and financial plans you needed to have in place, you would not have run into these problems. We must begin to address these issues well in advance of dementia showing up.  So many people are reluctant to discuss this and other diseases and when the time comes, there is little to nothing that can be done except to accept what the state decides. This my friends is NOT where you want to be!  Take Advantage of our Complimentary PDF 7 Easy Tips To Help You Care For Your Loved One Living With Alzheimer’s/Dementia Without Causing You Stress which is available for download. Click Here.

  1. “They don’t tell you about the GP’s visible annoyance when you bring her to get checked for a urinary infection for the fourth time in six months, even though they were the one who advised you to bring her for regular checks. Of course she’s displaying peculiar behavior, she has dementia, and they have lots of other patients to see today. Cheers doc.”

Fire him and find a new doc! One that works with geriatric patients and is familiar with dementia!

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